Parts 1 & 2
Starring: Tyler Scot (Mindy/Sindra) and 'Shadow Girl'
$55 DVD each (2 DVD Set for $55)
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(This one is sure to please gag lovers!)
Ultimate 'girl-next-door' cutie Tyler Scot (a natural beauty who wears no make-up) and newcomer Shadow Girl (Shadow Woman's younger sister) turn in a super sexy performance as two of the kinkiest superheroines you'll ever see! Mindy (aka 'Sindra') is sleeping peacefully in her bed when a mysterious caped/costumed girl sneaks into her room and starts to molest her while she sleeps. She eventually wakes to find the girl's hand clamped tightly over her mouth and a struggle begins. Mindy is heavily fondled and overpowered at first but she eventually breaks free of the girl and runs for the phone to call the police. The mysterious girl soaks a handkercheif with chloroform and slowly puts Mindy to sleep before she can report the incident.

Mindy is fondled and tied to a chair where she wakes only to be hand-gagged and taunted by her captor who introduces herself as Shadow Girl. When Mindy protests too loudly she has her mouth stuffed and duct taped while Shadow Girl tells her that she's 'an old friend' and is shocked that Mindy doesn't recognize her even with a mask on. When she takes of her mask Mindy gasps behind her gag at recognizing the mischievous nymph and is sent into a vocal "mmmph"ing frenzy. Shadow Girl delights in tormenting her old friend about 'old times', how cute Mindy is in her costume, etc. Shadow liberally fondles Mindy's breasts and pussy while she unleashes a vocal flurry of protests.

Eventually Shadow Girl leaves Mindy to struggle and starts to snoop around her apartment. Mindy struggles intensely and manages to get free, soon turning the tables on her kinky captor. While Shadow Girl vainly admires her own beauty in the mirror Mindy jumps her with the chloroformed cloth. She drugs Shadow Girl into a half-conscious state and starts to play with her body. "You're too cute for me to stay mad at" Mindy says while fondling the groggy superheroine and remembering their love/hate relationship. Still, she vows to teach the beauty a lesson and chloroforms her to sleep.

Mindy (now in her Sindra costume) ties Shadow Girl to her bed and feels her up while she slowly awakens. Lots of hand-gagging and fondling begin, followed by thick mouth stuffing and a layered duct tape gag for Shadow Girl. Sindra feels her captive's squirming body and torments her before leaving on her mission to stop a white slavery gang. Shadow Girl "mmmph"s and moans with lots of erotic passion as she struggles to get free (She is positively stunning in her vocal delivery).

Soon the two superheroines put aside past differences and begin to fall in love with each other while practicing battle techniques and sexy holds (much to our viewing delight). The girls kiss and fondle each other (you can really feel the attraction these girls share with each other in real life) in some steamy moments, and also battle each other, with each girl gagging the other's mouth while they fight. At the end of the match the superheroine beauties collapse into each other's arms on the bed and explore each other's bodies while moaning through their gags.

One day the two beauties return from winning a big battle with Iron Klaw and begin to talk about their victory. Shadow Girl is too busy re-enacting her Special Moves in the mirror to notice two thugs suddenly grabbing Sindra and pulling her into the bathroom. Sindra is slowly chloroformed and fondled while Shadow Girl continues to practice her punches and kicks. Her 'Shadow-Sense' warns her of danger before one of the thugs can grab her and she spins. She sees Sindra kept in a half-conscious chloroformed state, helplessly moaning in the other thug's grip. Shadow Girl quickly dispatches the first thug with a series of powerful blows, but is caught off-gaurd by the second thug who jumps her from behind and chloroforms her.

Thus begins a series of heavy-hitting bondage action with tight on-screen binding & gagging, intensive vocal protesting and fiery struggling, chloroform action, heavy breast fondling, ass-smacking, pussy-rubbing, girl-on-girl bondage as well as re-capture scenes and the lovely superheroines getting a heavy dose of sleeping gas to tame their fiesty agressive attacks. The story culminates into a fierce bondage battle between the super damsels when they are brainwashed. Will they survive? Watch this two-part, superheroine bondage adventure to find out!

Note: Tyler and Shadow Girl are VERY sexy girls who give great vocal and bodily expressions of distress and are sure to please! We can bank our reputation on it!




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