For those who don't already know... Jasmine (Michelle) has passed away.

She was involved in a car accident in Ohio and was killed along with two of her closest male friends.

Michelle was a great friend and her passing is very hard to bear. She was as close to perfect as any woman I've ever known. A beautiful Angel with a truly positive soul, a passionate love of life, and always non-judgemental. She charmed everyone who had the fortune of knowing her and always had a smile that made you feel great no matter how bad your day might have been going. All the bad things just seemed to go away when Michelle walked into the room. She never had a harsh word to say about anyone and it was impossible to get angry in her presence. She definitely had an aura that calmed the soul and made you feel like life was fun again. Words cannot describe the magic touch Michelle had, she just had it.

Before our last shoot when my partner left for a while to get some equipment, I had the deepest talk with Michelle about life, friends, work, and many other very personal things. She was very happy and talked quite a bit about her 4 male friends whom she loved like brothers (Michelle was also a bit of a tomboy). It is very sad that 2 of them died with her. They even called to check on her during the shoot and her conversation with them was very sweet.

Michelle was in good company at the end.

Michelle was an honestly sensual woman and was proud of her ability to entertain. Her playful attitude toward our type of fetish videos was so fun-loving and guilt-free that it made us feel great about our work and as a result we worked with her many times.

I've often thought of removing Michelle's photos and videos from our site to honor her, but after much deliberation I've come to the conclusion that Michelle would not have wanted that. She loved to be desired and to entertain and I will continue to let her do that. To remove her work from the site would actually be disrespecting to her and would also signify that there is something actually wrong with her work.

Anyone who doubts that Jasmine would have wanted her work to remain available should read the touching description of her funeral at the bottom right corner of the page of the GlamourCon Memorial for Michelle. Her family and friends proudly displayed her nude photos along with other photos of her life. They had no problem with Michelle's work because SHE had no problem with it. In fact she loved it.

To see just how much Michelle was loved by others whose lives she touched please visit her GlamourCon Memorial.


I apologize to anyone who may not have wished to know this information and enjoy Michelle's work blissfully unaware of her passing, however I feel it is more important to acknowledge the passing of (in my opinion) the most beautiful woman to ever grace our beloved genre and a beloved friend.


May you rest in loving peace for all eternity Angel.


Mark Turner