$40  DVD /  $40  VHS
Starring: Sherry, Jasmine Shaye, Linda, Katie and Stacey
1 hour

The cheerleaders of the local University are in trouble again! A group of masked men are kidnapping the beautiful girls one by one and putting them through barefoot bondage workouts they'll never forget!

Gorgeous brunette Sherry is practicing her cheers for the big game when she's suddenly attacked from behind and chloroformed by a masked man! The man heavily gropes the struggling girl's boobs until she passes out in his arms and is carried away. Sherry 's bondage nightmare begins when she wakes up to find that she's been bound with surgical tape! She is handgagged and fondled by the man who teases her about being so helpless, then he lets her struggle for a while. Sherry gives a great performance squirming and "Mmmmph"ing as she tries to get a knife from the kitchen drawer with her bare feet! The man returns in time to prevent her escape and Sherry's cute gagged moans beautifully convey her distress. What will become of the helpless cheerleader?

Next Linda has kidnapped her best friend for stealing her spot on the cheerleading squad! Katie wakes up to find that she's been tied up and panics! Her former friend Linda quiets her big mouth with a tight hand gag and teases her about being her helpless prisoner! Linda then cleave gags the protesting blonde and tells her that she's going to sell her to a man with connections to white slavery! Katie "Mmmmph"s intensely and struggles all over the bed while Linda taunts her! This is a hot scene!

Gorgeous buxom brunnette Jasmine Shaye is practicing her cheers at home when a masked man sneaks out of her closet soaking a handkerchief in chloroform! The unsuspecting beauty is caught off-guard and suddenly chloroformed from behind! Jasmine "Mmmmph"s heavily as her natural big boobs are heavilly fondled and she is slowly drugged to sleep. She is carried over the shoulder into the next room where the man ties her up. When she wakes up she's quickly handgagged and teased before having her mouth heavily gagged with duct tape! Jasmine's boobs are fondled heavily by the man and when he leaves she struggles beautifully with her big boobs jiggling as she squirms on the sofa dreading the man's return!

The desperate cheerleader tries to tell him that she'll do whatever he wants but he tires of her pleading and gags her heavily with several strips of surgical tape (Sherry's protesting is excellent) then leaves her to struggle on the kitchen floor barefoot with her cheerleader skirt flipped up. Sherry struggles well. She even manages to use her feet to open a kitchen drawer and tries to pull a knife from it but the man returns and fondles her as punishment for trying to escape! What will become of the beautiful helpless cheerleader?

Next Linda is a cheerleader sold into white slavery! She hops around barefoot and bound with ropes with her new master who tells her it's time to shut her big mouth! As Linda protests she's tightly cleave gagged and fondled by the cruel man who delights in hearing her gagged moans and groping sexy body. Linda flops all over the bed while bound and gagged and the man returns occasionally to fondle her and slowly strip her until she's naked! At the end of the scene he returns with chloroform in hand and puts her to sleep!

Finally Stacey is the last of the cheerleaders to be kidnapped. She is chloroformed from behind and carried over the shoulder. When she wakes, the blonde cutie is tightly hand gagged, teased, then heavily gagged with duct tape! Stacey is soon left to struggle in bondage and ponder her fate. She struggles wildly to escape her bonds, "Mmmph"ing heavily through her gag but the man keeps a close eye on her to insure that she won't escape. After a while he returns to chloroform the spunky blonde to sleep!




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