$35 DVD
Starring: Christina Carter, Linda, Katie & Jasmine Shaye
1 hour

Here's another HOT new series of knock-outs done in the style we're infamous for! Gorgeous girls getting chloroformed repeatedly with lots of hand gagging and breast / butt fondling / foot fondling /  escape attempts, all with the sharpest directing and editing you'll find in any fetish videos!
Linda and Katie are roommates watching a soap opera and comment on an actress who keeps getting chloroformed. Little do they know that a neighbor is also a big fan of the show and is waiting to kidnap them both during the next chloroform scene.

  He springs into action and suddenly chloroforms BOTH GIRLS AT ONCE! The beautiful roommates gasp into their cloths and 'MMMPH' for all they're worth! They look into each others' eyes and watch in shock as the other is chloroformed to sleep right in front of them! When both girls are knocked out the man carries them each over the shoulder to the bedroom where he lays them on the bed and begins his breast fondling mayhem! Each time one of the girls wakes up she's chloroformed into a half-drugged state and forced to watch her friend get knocked out in front of her! This game continues for a while with each groggy girl trying to regain enough strength to escape only to be tracked down and knocked out!

Christina Carter is a girl detective hot on the trail of a drug lord who traffics in beautiful girls! She approaches his home with her gun drawn but the man's thugs suddenly drive up in a white van and pull the beautiful detective inside! Christina puts up a good struggle but the men drug her with chloroform and kidnap her! They take the drugged detective back to their hideout and carry her over-the-shoulder to a waiting sofa. One of the thugs has fun fondling her breasts while she's kept in a groggy state with the chloroform. Christina is handgagged repeatedly as she feebly tries to protest. Her top is removed as well as her bra, alowing the man to grope her bare breasts. After failed escape attempts the girl detective is knocked out for the night.

Next Jasmine Shaye is a secretary who comes home to a chloroform nightmare! The unsuspecting buxom brunette returns to her apartment exhausted after a long day at work and decides to relax. She takes her high heels off and rubs her pantyhosed feet. Soon she's passed out on the sofa. She awakens to a sound in the back room. She gets up to check it out and is suddenly jumped and chloroformed from behind!

Jasmine 'MMMPH's heavily as her big (all-natural) boobs are fondled by the stalker and she's slowly sent off to Dreamland! The man carries her over-the-shoulder back to the couch where he has fun playing with her unconscious boobs. Jasmine wakes up and gets a tight handgag while the fondling continues! The poor secretary is subjected to a cruel cat-and-mouse game and is repeatedly chloroformed and heavily breast fondled!

Rival secret agents brunette Linda and blonde Katie (wearing bikinis) arguing about who is going to get to the 'target' first! As Linda preps herself to leave Katie comes up behind her and tells Linda that it's going to be hard for her to find her target when she's chloroformed. Linda is suddenly grabbed and chloroformed by the vengeful Katie who drugs the beautiful agent to sleep!

Linda is then laid on a bed to sleep it off. Katie makes plans to sell the drugged girl on the black market and has to keep Linda drugged until her buyer shows up. Each time Linda tries to wake up she's knocked out by Katie who tells her repeatedly that 'it's time sleep' as she presses the chloroform pad over Linda's face. Sometimes she handgags her helpless captive and taunts her but mostly she just keeps Linda unconscious.

Katie eventually makes the mistake of staying on the phone too long and Linda is able to wake up before she can be chloroformed. She grabs the pad of cloth and stalks Katie looking for revenge! Katie is suddenly jumped
while talking on the phone and knocked out by Linda who delights in chloroforming the gorgeous blonde. Her revenge is at hand!




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