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Starring:  Becky Graham, Sasia Cantrell & Tyler Scot
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Buxom babe Becky makes an impressive debut as a sweet tease who likes to dance for men but doesn't allow them to touch the merchandise. She tells the viewer not to touch while she does a sexy striptease but when he breaks the rules several times by fondling her big, beautiful, all-natural boobs and ass she decides to end the dance and leave. Unfortunately for her the man has other plans. He jumps the unsuspecting girl as she tries to leave and chloroforms her to sleep while liberally fondling her boobs and telling her that he'll touch her whenever he pleases!

Becky is slowly stripped & humiliated by the man who continuously chloroforms her to keep her groggy while he has his way with her body. He knocks her out several times and fondles her while she sleeps, and even allows her to try to crawl away only to grab her at the last minute and chloroform her back to sleep. Will poor Becky ever escape?

Sweet petite blonde Sasia returns as a lazy housekeeper who tries to rip off the wrong guy. When she gets an attitude she is suddenly smothered by chloroform and finds herself at the man's mercy. He delights in knocking her out again and again as she struggles to stay awake. In another scene she is a sweet secretary who likes to tease men on the internet. When a net stalker tracks her down he catches her in the act and chloroforms her. Poor Sasia then becomes his prisoner.

Fan-fave super cutie Tyler Scot returns as a sweet sailor girl who is stalked by one of her teachers. The teacher hides in her closet and waits for her to come home. Soon enough the innocent beauty prances in with schoolbooks in hand. The teacher watches as she walks around in her ultra-short skirt and decides to strike while she's freshening up. Tyler is quickly jumped and heavily chloroformed while getting fondled by the insatiable instructor.

When she's unconscious he throws her over his shoulder and carries her away. Tyler is chloroformed again when she tries to wake up. The fiendish teacher gives her a good groping and keeps her drugged while he teaches her a lesson of his own.




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