$35  DVD
1 hour
Starring: Tina Carrington, Tyler Scot, and Sasia Cantrel

3 Sweet beauties in the clutches of kinky chloroform-loving stalkers!
Sexy minx Tina Carrington is getting ready to go out and party with friends but the neighborhood stalker has his sights on her lovely body and thinks she should spend the night with him. He sneaks in on her and chloroforms the unsuspecting blonde while hungrily groping her plump breasts.

Tina becomes a helpless victim of the cruel stalker who delights in teasing her with the possiblity of escape. He lets her wake up and make a run for the door only to grab her before she can get away and chloroforms her back to sleep while fondling her lovely body. Tina is repeatedly chloroformed every time she wakes up and is heavily groped as the fiend takes advantage of her helplessness.

Sweet and innocent college schoolgirl Sasia Cantrel auditions for a new movie that needs a cute young blonde for the lead actress. Sasia meets the director and tries to give a good impression only to find out that the director has drugged her drink! Sasia tries to get up and leave but becomes too dizy and falls back on the sofa. The director teases her and tells her that he drugged her. Her reaction is great as she fights to stay awake but is slowly overcome by the drug.

Sasia soon passes out and becomes a pawn for the director's kinky desires. He chloroforms and gasses her repeatedly as she tries to get away and teases her about being so helpless. When he tells Sasia that she is going to be sold into white slavery the blonde beauty can only moan and roll her big blue eyes as she's gassed to sleep. Sasia's nightmare has only begun.

Tyler Scot returns in a knock-out / fondling finale as a drunk fetish model in a skin-tight mini-dress and a who comes home and stumbles around while talking about the client she rejected. The man follows her home and soaks a handkerchief in chloroform, saying: "You're mine, Tyler Scot!" He sneaks in and chloroforms the unsuspecting model while feeling her lovely young body.

Tyler then becomes a sleepy puppet for the stalker as he liberally gropes her breasts, ass, and pussy (he even kisses her pussy at one point). What will happen to poor Tyler?

If you love to see beautiful women knocked out and helpless this video is a must!



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