$35   DVD
1 hour / 5 min.
Starrring: CJ, Tyler Scot & Jenni Lee

If you like to see cute girls getting chloroformed, tightly gagged and squirming helplessly "Mmmmph"ing in bondage then this video series is for you! There is a strong emphasis on keeping the pretty damsels quiet with lots of hand-gagging mouth stuffing, duct tape, cloth, etc. Featuring some of the cutest models we've worked with in some of their greatest scenes!

The first storyline involves two roomates (Tyler Scot & Jenni Lee) who are stalked by a voyeuristic neighbor. He sneaks into their house and chloroforms Jenni before she can warn Tyler. He delights in fondling Jenni's lovely breasts then binds her with duct tape and lovingly gags her as she whimpers and protests. He then carries her over-the-shoulder to her closet and stuffs her inside to keep her out of the way while he stalks her roommate. Jenni protests through her gag as the closet door is closed in her face!

Soon, spunky Tyler comes downstairs to ask Jenni if she wants to go to the mall. She looks around for the missing beauty and hears her muffled cries from the closet. She opens the door and is shocked to find Jenni gagged and struggling to get free. Tyler thinks that Jenni's boyfriend is playing kinky games so she questions Jenni who jumps up and down "Mmmmph"ing heavily to warn Tyler about the stalker sneaking up behind her.

Tyler is suddenly grabbed and chloroformed and fondled right in front of Jenni with the stalker teasing Jenni about her savior getting put to sleep. Jenni reacts great during this scene with a flurry of gagged protesting as Tyler is drugged in front of her. Next it's Jenni's turn to get chloroformed again and both girls are carried over-the-shoulder into the living room where the stalker binds Tyler and lovingly gags her when she wakes.

The two girls struggle and "Mmmmph" throughout the scene both trying desperately to free the other. Gag fans will love this scene! Next, after the girls escape the stalker they move to a new house but he finds them again with the help of his new partner and they both sneak into the house and bind and gag the girls! Tyler and Jenni struggle on the bed being very vocal through their gags. Will they escape the clutches of the stalkers?

Next up is fan fave CJ! The beautiful blonde damsel is a secretary who is being harrassed by her boss to play kinky bondage games with him. She talks to one of her girlfriends on the phone about what he wants her to do (this scene features some nice bondage talk) but the boss is listening in and decides to kidnap the blonde damsel. He chloroforms CJ and carries her to a sofa in his office where he binds her with leather cuffs and waits till she wakes up to indulge in hand-gagging and teasing her.

CJ gives a great struggle as her mouth is stuffed and tightly duct tape one strip at a time. Her boss delights in telling her the fun that he has in store for her. CJ squirms and mummbles protests through her gag throughout this hot scene. Next CJ is a cute undercover narcotics agent looking for an illegal shipment of chloroform! She tracks the suspect to his house and tries to take him on by herself but she soon ends up sampling the contraband and ends up in bondage! What will become of the poor spunky undercover agent?

Finally, CJ is a working mother returning home after a long day at work. She tries to relax but is suddenly jumped and chloroformed by a strange man! When she wakes she discovers that she is bound and when she tries to protest she gets a tight hand-gag followed by a cleave gag. What does this man want with her? CJ is in fine form here and is very sexy while bound and gagged. This video is a great start to what is sure to be a popular series!




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