(CBG -1)


$35 DVD
73 min.

Starring: Sasia Cantrel and Kristy Farrell

This is one HOT video for fans who love lots of chloroform and on-screen gagging with their bondage! Sweet, petite, blonde Cindy Cantrel (who is sure to melt your heart with her very feminine charms) is a college co-ed who teams up with her girlfriend, buxom brunette Kristy Farell (the gag-mummbling queen) in this 'knock-out' debut! The girls decide to pick on the school geek, and revel in teasing him with their charms. They laugh at him and insult him until he finally takes action! He chloroforms each girl seperately in dramatic and vocal struggling scenes and carries their limp bodies around (both girls are carried over the shoulder AND in his arms, seperately). What follows is an exhaustive display of binding gagging and chloroforming, as the girls are bound to chairs, on the floor, back-to-back, etc. There are some great shots of their unconscious bodies laying next to each other, helpless and vulnerable to the geek, who mercilessly binds and torments them with his plans for taking care of their 'big mouths'! In one scene, the girls argue over who should get gagged first, with Kristy losing out to a roll of white plastic tape. Sasia laughs at her and mocks her, commenting on how cute she looks with a gagged mouth, until she is cloth gagged as well!

There are great scenes throughout the video with the girls arguing with each other and pleading with their captor through their gags, resulting in massive amounts of 'gag-talking' and moaning. Occasionally the geek comes into the room, manhandling their gagged mouths and teasing them about being so helpless and gagged. The girls are chloroformed several times each throughout the video, with Sasia chloroforming Kristy for revenge in a lengthy and very HOT scene! She binds the buxom brunette and gags her on-screen as well, making comments about how cute shelooks with a gagged mouth, before leaving her to the fiendish geek.

Sasia attempts to escape, but as she reaches the door a familiar, cruel hand is clamped over her protesting mouth and she's forced back into the room with Kristy who "MMMPHs" and moans at the geek as Sasia is chloroformed right in front of her (this girl is great at rolling her eyes while passing out), and left lying unconscious on the floor next to her. Kristy moans and tries to wake her up, but the geek eventually returns and chloroforms her as well, in yet another great close-up! There is one scene in which the girls are sitting together unconscious; Kristy's tape-gagged head rests on Sasia's shoulder. Sasia wakes up, only to be immediatly drugged again, with her eyes rolling beautifully for the camera as she goes back to sleep. Kristy is also given a little extra chloroforming to keep her quiet and drugged during this scene too, while still in bondage.

The last scene ends with both girls bound back to back, Kristy's gag getting changed to match Sasia's new cleave gag, and both girls struggling in a vocal frenzy. Lots of scenes of hand-gagging throughout the video too, as the geek muffles their sassy mouths from protesting their bondage.
*The video ends with two bonus scenes!*
An interview with each girl telling you a little bit about herself as well as criticizing the other girl's performance. During each interview, the other girl comes up and puts her hand over the interview girl's mouth, and tells her that SHE has the biggest mouth, and that something will have to be done about it. The interview girl ignores the muffling hand and continues to talk about herself, even when the other girl gags her with a thick strip of cloth, and again with her hand. Of course this leads to lots of cute 'gag-talk' which is fun to decipher. This video is sure to please gag and chloroform fans with the most vocal protesting in any bondage video we've ever come across, as well as showcasing the talent of two beautiful girls who usually 'don't do that sort of thing'. All gagging and chloroforming is done on-screen, with some on-screen tying as well.

Over 70 minutes of two-girl chloroform and bondage action!



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